Q: Why are you expecting a minimum of ten archers per category? This can be difficult for some of the Women’s categories. 
A: Initial interest has been good. At this time we are not too concerned about being able to meet the minimum numbers. However, we are prepared to revisit this as we get closer to the event and we may still run some categories if the numbers are close to, but not quite at, the minimum ten required.

Q: This event costs more than typical shoots in Canada. Why?
A: We have researched the fees charged at similar open international shoots. Our price falls within the normal price range for those shoots. Yes, this shoot will cost a little more than the Canada Cup. It is important to note that the full price for the Canada cup is actually $100 if you also shoot their optional, second 720 whereas the Alberta Summer Classic includes a second 720 that is not optional. While medals are handed out at the Alberta Summer Classic, there will also be cash prizes at the Alberta Summer Classic, a mixed team event (for a nominal additional fee) and a banquet too on the Saturday The Alberta Summer Classic will be held at a highly visible, high profile location with stadium seating at which we expect hundreds of spectators to come and view the event over the course of the weekend. We are planning for media coverage of the event and we are actively advertising with all of the National Archery Associations that are members of World Archery so we are also hoping to see an international presence at this event. Finally, the Sherwood Park Archery Club has already invested close to $24,000 in this event and we have committed to hosting this as an annual event for the next three years during which time it is our intent to build this into a premiere Canadian international sporting event. We will be reinvesting some of the revenues from this event into next year’s event to assist us in making the Alberta Summer Classic an even bigger and better event in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

This is not our first time hosting successful national level events and we know that this event will be a high-quality experience that the archers will enjoy and look forward to again in 2018 and beyond. We hope this addresses your questions and concerns about Canada’s newest “open international” archery competition to be held each year in Sherwood Park Alberta. If you have further questions, please feel free to send us an email at info(at)sparchery.ca.