The Sherwood Park Archery club is self-run by volunteers from around Strathcona County and Edmonton, they do a lot of work to keep the club running. If you have any questions about the club or need some information feel free to contact the executives. And don’t forget, we always have room for more executives!

President: Doug Bowes
Treasurer: Howard Start
Secretary: Vancant
Traditional: Dwayne Dixon
3D: Adam Marshall
Membership: Kayla Fawcett
Facilities: Don Blyth
Director at large: Jan Tollenaar
Director at large: Dillion Bronman
Director at large: Sean Spence
Director at large: Brandon Spence
Director at large: John Warwa
Director at large: Taylor Schaerer
Director at large: Stephan Titley

Please remember the club is a non-profit organization.  We depend on our members to volunteer their time.

If you or your employer has merchandise that can be donated as prizes for our upcoming shoots or a community support program to help further develop the club, please contact the executive.