2018 Alberta Winter Games Zone 5 Archery Team Tryout

Welcome to the pre-registration page for the 2018 Alberta Winter Games ā€“ Zone 5 Archery Team. The Sherwood Park
Archery Club is pleased to be supporting the Zone 5 team for the 2018 Alberta Winter Games for the third time in a row.
CLICK HERE to download the pre-registration form to participate in the tryout for the 2018 Zone 5 Team. Space is limited so
archers are encouraged to sign up as early as possible. Fill out the form and email a completed copy/scan back to the
attention of Doug Bowes (Head Coach) at tenxarcher@gmail.com
The tryout will be held at Jim-Bows Archery on Saturday, (date & time TBD). Jim-Bows Archery is located at: 13955 156 St
NW, Edmonton
Please note:
– Archers are to arrive at Jim Bows by 10:00 AM for the tryout.
– Archery Canada (AC) Compound and AC Recurve equipment rules will apply
– The tryout will consist of a single 300 round on 40cm targets (despite age and category) at 18 metres.
– The fee to participate in the tryout is $25 and must be paid at the door, prior to competing in the tryout.
– There will be additional fees for those archers who are successful in gaining a berth on the Zone 5 team.
– The archer must be affiliated with Archery Alberta. If they are not already affiliated with Archery Alberta,
they must obtain an affiliation prior to coming to the tryout and then bring their new Archery Alberta
number with them to the tryout.
– Affiliation is $41.00 if you donā€™t belong to an affiliated archery club or $38.00 if the archer joins an affiliated
club. Contact the nearest archery club or email the membership secretary at:

CLICK HERE to access a copy of the poster for this tryout. Please feel free to copy and forward this poster to other archers,
Clubs, and archery or sporting goods store located in Zone 5 and help spread the word about this opportunity for youth to
compete for a berth with Zone 5 at the 2018 Alberta Winter Games.
Corporate Sponsorship:
If you own, or are aware of, a business that might be interested in providing some corporate sponsorship to help offset the
costs for the team members to participate in the 2018 Alberta Winter Games, please feel free to share a copy of the
corporate sponsorship request letter located HERE.