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& Canada’s Largest Indoor Archery Range

The Sherwood Park Archery Club is working to create the Archery Centre of Excellence (ACE). What is the ACE? At least for now, the ACE will be a one-of-a-kind, year-round indoor/outdoor archery specific training and development facility in Canada.

How Can You Help Us?

  1. Make a donation to our Go-Fund-Me campaign
  2. Support us as an Individual or Corporate Sponsor
  3. Share information about the ACE with those you know who might be interested in helping us as potential sponsors. Here is a link to a downloadable PDF document you can share with potential sponsors.

What do we already have?

We have one of Canada’s best outdoor range facilities with following:

  • A full 90 metre FITA range,
  • Two field courses,
  • One 3D course available year round and room on our rolling, wooded trails for three full loops of 3D archery targets for larger tournaments.
  • Room to build more trails and another full FITA range

What are we building right now?

A new indoor range where target and 3D archers will be able to shoot throughout the year at distances up to 70 metres. We are targeting spring of 2020 for construction of the new indoor range building with the building hopefully ready for service by the fall of 2020. This indoor range facility will be designed to a standard that will also allow us to host World Archery indoor tournaments. Imagine a facility that enables the regular hosting of indoor and outdoor national and international level tournaments right here in Canada!

What do we need?

  1. We need your help spreading the word about this unique and significant development for growing the sport of Archery in Canada. Help us spread the word about this initiative through your own social media networks, through your local and provincial archery Clubs and organizations
  2. Make a personal donation to our Go-Fund-Me campaign and encourage your contacts to consider making donations too. Or, consider becoming an Individual or Corporate Sponsor through our Sponsor Recognition Program.
    • Every dollar donated will be eligible for a matching dollar by the Province of Alberta through the CFEP Grant Program.
    • We will submit a grant application in September this year.
    • The grant is capped at $1 million and this is our funding target.
    • Every dollar donated can be doubled with this grant!
  3. Help us spread the word about our individual and corporate sponsorship program.
    • Click here to download a PDF document you can share with interested individuals or business organizations to inform them about the ACE.
    • Details on the sponsorship program are available here.
    • All such sponsorship dollars are eligible for dollar-for-dollar grant funding.
  4. Send us a letter of support on behalf of your Club or provincial Sport Organization.
    • We will share these support letters with potential funding organizations and with the Province of Alberta as part of our grant application.
    • Here is the letter of support we received from Archery Canada (AB Excellence Centre PDF).


The ACE will be an accessible and affordable centre of excellence (for Target, Field, FITA, and 3D Archery) enabling recreational and competitive archers, coaches, and judges of all ages and abilities, including archers with limb differences and mobility issues, enjoy the sport and develop their skills at a single, year-round indoor/outdoor facility. The ACE will also provide a much-needed Canadian venue that can:

  • Support the provision of a broad range of opportunities for developing Canadian archers, coaches and officials able to compete, officiate, and work at national and international level tournaments, and
  • Provide a year round facility that is able to regularly host national and international level indoors and outdoor archery tournaments.


  1. The ACE will improve our ability to support the development of young archers who have an interest and ability to develop into strong competitive archers by providing better access to equipment, coaching, and year round facilities including access to an indoor 70 metre archery range.
  2. The ACE will provide a permanent;
    • Not-for-profit archery specific venue that can accommodate a significant expansion of affordable recreational and competitive archery training programs for both target and 3D archery.
    • Year-round indoor/outdoor facility that is able to host both indoor and outdoor archery competitions at the provincial, national, and international level.
  3. The ACE will enable us to build funding and programming aimed at supporting access to adaptive equipment and services for archers with limb differences or mobility issues.
  4. The Ace will provide;
    • Room to regularly accommodate large numbers of archers and multiple programs/groups at the same time in the same venue
    • An opportunity for a significant expansion of the current “Juniors Program” for archers aged 12 to 20 years.
    • A venue where archers and coaches on Provincial, National, Olympic, and Development teams will have room to train and compete throughout the year.
      • Archery Canada is also interested in being able to spend programming dollars at a venue like the ACE (E.g. Road to Excellence dollars supporting the development of Olympic Athlete’s).
    • A large, archery specific venue capable of supporting the affordable delivery of large competitions associated with the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).
  5. Increased economic benefits for the local economy associated with archers, officials, and spectators travelling in larger and more regular numbers to the ACE and spending money on food, accommodations and other local goods and services while they are staying in the Capitol Region and using or visiting the ACE.



The new indoor range is expected to be 90 metres long and 30-40 metres wide, with a self-supporting roof span to eliminate any obstructions between the firing line and the furthest targets at a distance of 70 metres down range. The building may also include a second floor located over the area behind the shooting line on the main floor. See below for an image of the conceptual floor plan of the ACE indoor range building.. Land at the outdoor range will be donated to the Club for the purpose of enabling the development of the new indoor range building.  The full market value of this land donation will be a key cornerstone in the Community Facility Enhancement Fund (CFEP) grant application that the two the Club’s will be submitting to the province in mid-September of 2019. The CFEP program caps its grants at $1 million. It is our hope to raise a total of close to $1 million worth of eligible donations (a combination of cash donations, in-kind donations, the full value of the land donation, and volunteer labour) by September 1, 2019, which is our deadline for submitting our grant application.

Details on the fundraising program will become available soon but will include an individual and corporate sponsorship program, a go-fund-me type of program, building naming rights, and the advance sale of advertising space inside the ACE. At a minimum, sponsor support recognition will be accommodated on a permanent “sponsors recognition wall” inside the ACE, as well as on the SPAC website.

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