Is archery safe?

YES! Archery is a very safe sport. Compared to most team or other athletic sports archery has a much lower risk of injury.  As with any shooting sport safety rules must be followed at all times.

Can I shoot broadheads at the club range?

You are not allowed to shoot arrows with broadhead points at any club targets or butts. If caught doing so your membership will be revoked without refund. However you my bring your own butt designed for broadheads if you like.

Can I bring a guest to shoot?

No, guest may not shoot. Range use if for members only.

What is the minimum age to do archery?

While there is no minimum age required to do archery we do recommend 10 as a good age to start. Members under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult while they’re using the ranges.

Does the club do group bookings?

No, unlike archery pro shops we do not have the ability to host group bookings.

Can I rent equipment?

No, we do not have rental equipment available. Outside of our junior program members need to bring their own equipment.

Do you offer lessons?

The club runs a junior program from September to June for youth ages 10 to 20. For more information visit our junior program page. Unfortunately we do not offer adult lessons at this time.

Can I use my crossbow?

Crossbows are prohibited at our club. They damage the butts too quickly. Members caught shooting crossbows at the club will have their membership revoked.