About The Sherwood Park Archery Club

We are the oldest, longest running archery club in Alberta. Our members have year round, twenty four hours a day access to our indoor and outdoor range facilities both of which are located only minutes from Sherwood Park. We have one of the best outdoor ranges in Western Canada offering archers a large FITA range where you can sight in your bows on our target butts in yards or in metres (up to 90 metres). We also have trails (A & B Loops) set up in our hilly, forested areas where we provide 3D targets for members to practice their 3D and hunting skills over the summer and into the fall(we had 28 3D targets set up on our A-Loop this year). We also have two Field Archery Courses set up on A & B Loops although we are in the process of refurbishing these for use starting in 2017.
During the school year, our club also offers a Juniors Archery Program for youth aged 10 to 20 years on Saturday mornings. We have two classes on Saturday mornings with one for novice shooters and one for more advanced shooters. There is an additional fee for this class (in addition to the purchase of a club membership).
Even better is that fact that we offer all of this (24 hours a day, year round indoor and outdoor shooting) for only $235 (single adult membership)! This is the absolute best deal in town!
Check out the rest of our website for more information including the online membership sales. Memberships are valid only for the current calendar year. There are no reduced fees and please keep in mind that a good portion of our membership fee goes to your membership and insurance with Alberta Archery and not to our club.

Join us online today, and you will immediately receive the access codes to both of the Club’s range facilities in your membership confirmation email and you can start shooting immediately!

Please note, you must be a member of the club to shoot during these times.

24/7 Indoor Range (Members Only)

Day of Week Open Close
Every Day 12am 11:59pm


Outdoor Range (Gate code required. Members only!)

Day of Week Open Close
Any Sunrise Sunset