Memberships For 2020/2021


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2020/2021 memberships are available online now directly from this website.

2020/2021 Club membership fees have already been reduced by 10% to help make archery more affordable for archers and their families during this tough Coronavirus situation.


  1. Buy a 2020/2021 membership before August 15 of 2021 and receive three extra months of FREE membership access (for October, November, and December of 2021) taking you all the way through to the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2021)!!!
    • Until now, annual memberships have expired at the end of September each year.
  2. We are building our own indoor range in July!!! The new building will be located at the same location as our outdoor range giving us a year-round, indoor-outdoor archery range facility all at one location!!! This new facility is larger than our current indoor range and we will be expanding it over the next number of years to increase our indoor shooting distance hopefully all the way out to 70 metres indoors!!!

 Once you buy your membership online, you will immediately receive an email from our email address with information for new members. That message includes the access code for our range facilities giving you immediate access as a new member!

Sherwood Park Archery Club members get year around access to our premier indoor and outdoor archery facilities in Strathcona County. The SPAC outdoor range provides year-round 3D archery targets located on our rolling, forested trails as well a 90 metre target field with target butts marked both in meters (out to 90 metres) and yards (out to 60 yards). Indoor shooting for now is the standard 18 metre distance.

Your membership also includes a mandatory membership and insurance with Alberta Archery. You may also purchase an optional membership with the Alberta Bowhunters Association (ABA). Membership fees are the same throughout the membership year. Membership fees are not prorated. The fees are the same all year, regardless of when they are purchased during the membership year.

Membership Fees: Junior Regular Family**
Club:  $129.15  $181.65  $352.80
 Alberta Archery:  $38  $43 $112
Total  $167.15  $224.65  $464.80
Not available due to Covid

Junior Program***


** Family membership: Must include a minimum of three members in the same household with a maximum of 2 parent/guardians. Must all be immediate family parents/guardians and their children

(all children must still be under 18 as of December 31, 2021).

NOTE: If one of your children will be 18 prior to the end of 2021, you must purchase a separate Regular membership for that youth (this is due to insurance requirements and memberships with Archery Alberta).

*** The “Junior Program” is offered to any member 21 or younger as of January of the membership year.

For more information email:

Please keep a copy of your membership confirmation email with you when you are at our range facilities. This is particularly important at the outdoor range, where trespassers will be prosecuted.

Broadheads are prohibited on club butts and 3D targets.