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2012 ATAA Outdoor Provincials

The 2012 Outdoor Provincial Championships are being hosted by Capital Region Archery Club at the Sherwood Park Archery Club outdoor range. The shoot will be on the weekend of July 6, 7, and 8. See the shoot poster below for more details.

The registration form can be found here

***Please be advised that the range will be closed for general shooting on July 7 & 8 to accommodate the competition***

ATAA Outdoor Provincial Championships Poster

Yards Versus Meters

As I am sure you are all aware yards and meters are both units of measure for distances; and that they are slightly different. 1 yard is about 10% shorter than a meter which makes ranging things a bit different for each. Both are used in archery for different styles of shooting.

At the SPAC outdoor range our field is marked in meters with the distances on metal signs along the sides. However many shooters prefer to use yards, therefore along the left hand side of the range (south side) we have butts set up at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. The butts on the right side of the range the butts are set up in meters at standard FITA distances.

Please do not move the butts which have been set up along the left side of the range.

Outdoor Range

Things to Take to Provincials

With provincials coming up next week in Calgary we figured it would be good prepare a list of some of the things you should take.

Firstly, you should bring your bow (obviously), or bows if you have a backup. Next you will need some arrows, 6 at minimum, 3 to shoot, and 3 as spare. Your arrows for most categories must be no larger than a 2314 aluminium shaft, all of them must match and have your initials clearly written on the shaft. Taking some super glue, spare knocks and points may be a good idea if you need to make quick repairs. Also bring your release(s), quiver, scope and whatever else you need for shooting. As well don’t forger your alen wrenches, you never know when you’ll need them.

You should also be aware that there is a dress code for many FCA events. The code is basically no clothing with holes in it or profanity on it, no track/sweat pants. You should also avoid wearing red shits with white pants as you don’t want to be confused for a judge. If you have a club shirt please wear it and represent SPAC! For more information on the dress code (section 3.2) and other rules consult the FCA rule book. Click here for rule book.