3D Archery Rules and Information

During the summer months Sherwood Park Archery Club sets up and maintains a trail of 3D targets for members to shoot at. This year’s 20 targets run from A14 to B13. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our trails, we have two loops, A & B. The start of A loop is just behind our cook shack, and exits on the north side of the storage shed. B loop starts at the exit of A, and wraps around the field to exit behind the sea containers. To get to A14 quickly, enter A loop by mid loop entrance trail just south of the storage shed.

The club executive has years of experience setting up challenging and safe 3D trails for our club, and for competitions. The targets and shooting stakes are set up for the consideration of safe shooting lanes, and to manage the difficulty of the shot. It is extremely important that you do not remove, alter, or change the location of either the shooting stakes or 3D animals. Any member caught tampering with 3D targets or shooting positions will have their membership revoked without refund. If you notice out of place or damaged targets please contact us.

If you are new to the sport, or have little experience doing 3D, come out to the range on our club nights or email us. We can answer all of your questions!

As well, for your safety do not go backwards around the 3D trail, you may walk in to the shooting lanes of other archers.

3D Bear Target A1 at Sherwood Park Archery Club Outdoor Range