We need volunteers!

Greetings Members New and Old,

As I am sure you are aware the Sherwood Park Archery Club is run solely by volunteers. Every year a small group of dedicated executives do their very best to make the club what it is, and this year we have done a lot and there have been many great new changes. This is where you come in, we are in need of “fresh blood” on our executive team to keep the club progressing. Some of, but not all of the positions we want to fill are:

If you have a youth in our junior program and want to be involved on Saturday mornings, or just like helping novice archers, this may be for you! The club will enroll you in a weekend coaching course and our certified experienced coaches will guide you along the way!

Target Director
We have operated for several years without a target director, however with our new indoor range and improvements to the outdoor range we need one! The target director is responsible for organizing and planning competitions, then delegating volunteers to run them.

3D Director
Much like the target director the 3D director organizes 3D shoots, and gets to decide how our 3D trails are laid out.

Director at Large
If you just want to help with the day to day of the club and get the opportunity to have input in how the club runs and what we do then this is for you!

If you want to volunteer with us come talk to us on club nights, or on Saturday mornings, or send us an email at info@sparchery.ca

SPAC Executives

P.s. If you just want to leave feedback, or let us know what you think we should be doing as a club drop us a line at  info@sparchery.ca